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Sponsoring – 20 reasons why EVERYONE you know needs to join the

Color Street family!

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  1. The nail industry is an $8 billion dollar industry! Who knew?!?
  2. With Color Street you can earn up to 35% on everything you personally sell and very generous percentages if/when you choose to build a team.
  3. We will be “set selling” and offering specials for clients to increase your average sale.
  4. A “Preferred Client” program will allow your “Color Street loving” clients to have their favs shipped automatically every month at a discount and access to exclusive offers – – – this means YOU can build a “book of business” every month with your PC’s and focus on sharing the “Vision of Color Street”!
  5. We have a car program, Lifestyle bonuses and an extensive upper level plan which includes a bonus pool for top leaders.
  6. We offer a very generous host program completely paid for by Color Street.
  7. Yearly incentive trips you can earn based on sales, sponsoring and leadership development – – – automatically for 2 people with no “buy in” or additional points needed to take someone you love.
  8. Personal websites for each Stylist at a nominal fee, free for the 1st 30 days.
  9. No sales will be made directly on Color Streets main site – all sales will be made by Stylists.
  10. No breaking your back with samples, lugging boxes or bubble wrapping breakable items – everything you need can fit into a small tote!
  11. No inventory to purchase unless you choose to do large events.
  12. A Jump Start program which can earn you up to $1,000 in sales aids, samples and cash in your first 90 days – matched for each person you sponsor! What does this mean? An additional stream of income for you and never having to buy samples or sales aids!
  13. In the near future, customizable nail art, fundraisers and charity offerings. Color Street is very committed to giving back.
  14. A fun, quality product that is mass marketable and a company devoted to your success and growth.
  15. Being one of the very first in an already multi-million dollar company committed to being the best in the direct selling industry.
  16. Every time you walk out your door wearing Color Street you are an advertisement for your business. How easy is it to strike up conversation when someone says “I love your nails”?!?
  17. A Leadership Team and Corporate Office committed to support, guide and recognize your talents and efforts. You won’t walk this street alone with Color Street!
  18. Everything made proudly in the USA!!! Our founder, Mr. Fa Park came from Korea from humble beginnings and through perseverance, patience and passion became the epitome of the American Dream!
  19. National Conferences yearly with all the excitement, training, friendships and recognition you deserve.
  20. Being one of the first means you have a voice. Give us your feedback, suggestions and requests. We are here for you every step on your Road to Success!