Your Norwex Party Is TOMORROW!

Your Party is tomorrow!!!

I know you are looking forward to earning it all for FREE!! So here are a few jobs for you to do today.

Studies show, that hostesses who make the time to complete these tasks are earning $200-250 on average in free rewards. How would you FEEL if you were able to get everything on your wish list for free!!

Is it worth a few minutes on Facebook today? I thought so 😉

1. Send EACH guest a reminder message

 “Just your friendly reminder that tomorrow night is my Norwex Party here on FB! It starts at 8:30 and is only 30 minutes long. Come right on time for your chance at the door prize! Hope to see you there”

2. Go Back to comment on all preposts. Tag 1-2 friends here and there too bring them into the fun

“@Megan did you see how the envirocloth cleaned the raw chicken??”

“@Jill I thought of you and your endless laundry, lol”

3. Pick your favorite Norwex item and RAVE about it! Share a testimony, pictures, or videos to your event page.

4.Follow-Up or Resend your Preorder Emails

Collecting PreOrders for Your Norwex Party

With only days away, I’m sure you are getting a few folks who are unable to join us LIVE. That’s OK, the best thing about Virtual Parties is that you can “attend” anywhere anyhow!

Today I want you to follow up with those peeps who have told you that they are unable to join live and those who are not on Facebook… you know, like Aunt Sue and Grandma Jean.

Still have them RSVP “going” and then gently encourage them to consider placing an order before the party.  It’s totally fine to BRIBE them with the fact that by placing an order EARLY they are helping YOU to earn more free Norwex Swag.

I LOVE to spoil my hostesses!

STEP 8- Pre Orders!

★ For Grandma Jean and Aunt Sue that don’t “do the Facebook” or for friends that are not able to attend live, here is a link to your preorder page.  Go ahead and copy this link into an email and send that out to your peeps a few days BEFORE your party starts.

PreOrder Page for Guests:

**BONUS** If you collect $250 in orders BEFORE the night of your party, I will gift you an extra $25 shopping spree to use at the close of your event! Wahoo!

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Preorder Page for Guests

Hi Friend!!

As you know I am hosting an online Norwex Party. Norwex is a cleaning and personal care line that allows you to dramatically reduce the chemicals in you home by cleaning with JUST water and the incredible power of Norwex microfiber.

Please take a few minutes to watch these short videos and then browse my online shopping link. My party will only be open for 3 days , so don’t miss out!

After you watch the videos, browse my Online Party Link- it’s a fun, fast and fabulous way to shop!

★ If you are new to Norwex, I recommend the Household Package. It’s a great way to introduce your home to Norwex!


(search for my name as the hostess when you checkout)

THANK YOU so much for taking a peek and participating in my online show! Your purchases go towards credits for me to get my wish list for free and will help me to make my home safer.  I’m so grateful for your purchases and excited for you to have a chemical free home too!

Question for Sarah? Just contact her here:

XOXO   Cheers!   XOXO

How To Have A Successful Norwex Party; part 2

Whoa! Your Party is about 1 week away!

This week its important to get your peeps into the Facebook Event to get them excited about Norwex.

Get those cheerleaders to be active and LOUD with you!


★ Work hard to get between 25-35 RSVPs to your event. It’s ok to bribe them 😉 Make sure your peeps know that there is NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything, but to RSVP “yes” enters them into the free raffle.

★ Plus when YOU get 25 RSVPs YOU are getting a special gift from me!

If you have not already… send out those personal message invites to EACH of your guests. Here’s How:


★  Like every post you see
★  Comment on every post you see
★  Tag 1 or 2 guests on every post you see
★  Bonus Points, share your OWN before/after pictures, testimonials, and videos!
Why? Glad you asked! Facebook has a funny Algorithm. When I put up a post in your event, even if you have 50 guests “going”, not all 50 of them are scrolling FB at that exact minute so they can’t possibly see everything. Therefore Facebook will “test” my post by showing it in the newsfeed of 1 or 2 of the guests. If they don’t “like” or comment… its dead in the water.  If your guests engage on my post, Facebook thinks “hmm this must be interesting, lets show it to 2 more guests…” If those guests ignore it… it’s dead.  If those guest engage the process repeats.  YOU CAN HELP me by commenting on my every post and when you TAG certain friends, THEY will see it too and be likely to COMMENT.
Then eventually we have a rockstar party with 30+ guests and LOTS of fun engagement!

Start thinking of your dream wish list. Dream Big as Norwex is very generous and loves to gift hundreds of dollars worth in freebies.
Send me a little message with your wish list and I’ll do what I can to coach you to get it all FREE!

I’ll send you the rest of the steps later in the week. ★★ Any questions?


How To Have A Successful Norwex Facebook Party

I’m so excited to PARTY with you!

Whether it’s Facebook Style or a Rocking Home Show…
We are going to have a blast!



★ Ask 5-10 BFFs to be your CHEERLEADERS. The girls to RSVP FIRST and who promise to COMMENT on my pre-party posts. Send them a message like this:

“Hey Girl!! I’m hosting a Norwex FB party and I’m wondering if you’d like to be one of my cheerleaders for the event? All I need you to do is RSVP to the event and try to comment on every post you see.  If thats cool with you my girl Sarah is going to enter you into a secret raffle for some free swag.. sound good?”  


Invite 40-50 TOPS

★ You want to keep the vibe EXCLUSIVE so that your friends know they were HAND SELECTED to hang out with you.

Need help with your FRANKS list?  Click here 50 Friends Fast for a handy worksheet


This is the MOST IMPORTANT step to ensure you have a successful party.


★ Private Message EVERYONE that you invite! This is the MOST important key to a successful party! Facebook made it super easy to do. If you need help on how to send a private message via your event (so the event links to your message and you can send all the messages at once) here’s my “How-To” video
You would be surprised at how many people never see the events they are invited to unless they have a link to it within their inbox!

★ A good rule of thumb is to drop the message into your guests’ inbox at the same time as you invite them! Invite and then copy/paste the message into that person’s inbox one by one. If you invite everyone and then PM them a couple hours later or a day later, it can appear desperate…BUT if guests receive a PM at the SAME time as you invite them, it feels personal and thoughtful and is FAR more effective at getting people to your party 🙂 Trust me on this one!

★ Sample Verbiage:   “Hey Girl! I thought of you! Did you see the invitation? There are so many Norwex products that I’m in love with. I’m hosting a Facebook Party and invited you. It’s 30 minutes and it’s happening [date] at [time] right here on Facebook so you can stay in your jammies! I would love it if you tuned in.  If you RSVP, my Norwex Consultant is giving away a free prize… just sayn’! Here’s the link to join: ” 
★ Better Verbiage: personalize to match the personality/lifestyle of your guest
  “Hey Jenny! You hate cleaning right? Imagine if there was a way to do it in half the time, without chemicals, and could save you money- wouldn’t that be great? Guess what?! There is! HA! Do you know about Norwex??? Girl- I’m having a party It’s 30 minutes and it’s happening [date] at [time] right here on Facebook so you can stay in your jammies! I would love it if you tuned in.  If you RSVP, my Norwex Consultant is giving away a free prize… just sayn’! Here’s the link to join: ” 
“Hey Sally! I thought of you. I know how with little Joey at home now you’re always looking for “green” ways to take care of the home…..”
“Maggie- girl I may have found something that will help control your asthma and sensitive skin concerns….”
“Mrs. Smith, with Jane heading off to college this year (getting married… buying a new home) I found just the thing for her….”
Want to send a video message along with your invites? then I’ve got one for you too! Here’s the link to copy/paste

★ XOXO Sarah

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