My Story

Are you ready to clean your house in half the time, allowing for more meaningful time with your kids and family? Would you like to reduce the harmful chemicals your family is exposed to on a daily basis? Would you like your children to inherit a greener world? **heads are nodding yes**

Well, I’m on a mission to help you do just that!

I’m Sarah Rogers the self proclaimed “Green Geek!” I work with BUSY moms just like YOU who want their homes to be safe havens, free from many of the toxins and chemicals we are so regularly exposed to AND who want to give their families more of THEM and spend less time cleaning, cooking and doing chores. Um HELLO!!!! Who wouldn’t rather be at the park with their kids than stuck inside cleaning and cooking? Want to save money? I got you covered there too! Yeah, I’m pretty cool like that 😉


A little over two years ago I heard about these “magic voodoo cloths” and their special powers… I HAD to know more.

My FIRST single attempt with Descaler in April 2015 without using any sponges or elbow grease. I’m happy to say that my shower walls are currently WHITE and have been ever since!


Before I knew it I was cleaning hard water and iron stains that I never could touch before. Grease was disappearing. My microwave and fridge no longer had those gross science experiments growing in them… and all I used was H2O and Norwex Microfiber. But the best part… my KIDS could help without fear of chemicals.. and it ACTUALLY WORKS!! Boom. Sarah Out. Mic Drop. 🎤




So here I am JAZZED to share with you what I know about cleaning products, toxins, and safer alternatives to your everyday needs so that YOU can make the BEST choices for YOUR family! …and did I mention I’m FUN?! Because I am. and I’m pretty sure you and I should be friends. 🙂