Your Norwex Party Is TOMORROW!

Your Party is tomorrow!!!

I know you are looking forward to earning it all for FREE!! So here are a few jobs for you to do today.

Studies show, that hostesses who make the time to complete these tasks are earning $200-250 on average in free rewards. How would you FEEL if you were able to get everything on your wish list for free!!

Is it worth a few minutes on Facebook today? I thought so 😉

1. Send EACH guest a reminder message

 “Just your friendly reminder that tomorrow night is my Norwex Party here on FB! It starts at 8:30 and is only 30 minutes long. Come right on time for your chance at the door prize! Hope to see you there”

2. Go Back to comment on all preposts. Tag 1-2 friends here and there too bring them into the fun

“@Megan did you see how the envirocloth cleaned the raw chicken??”

“@Jill I thought of you and your endless laundry, lol”

3. Pick your favorite Norwex item and RAVE about it! Share a testimony, pictures, or videos to your event page.

4.Follow-Up or Resend your Preorder Emails