How To Have A Successful Norwex Party; part 2

Whoa! Your Party is about 1 week away!

This week its important to get your peeps into the Facebook Event to get them excited about Norwex.

Get those cheerleaders to be active and LOUD with you!


★ Work hard to get between 25-35 RSVPs to your event. It’s ok to bribe them 😉 Make sure your peeps know that there is NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything, but to RSVP “yes” enters them into the free raffle.

★ Plus when YOU get 25 RSVPs YOU are getting a special gift from me!

If you have not already… send out those personal message invites to EACH of your guests. Here’s How:


★  Like every post you see
★  Comment on every post you see
★  Tag 1 or 2 guests on every post you see
★  Bonus Points, share your OWN before/after pictures, testimonials, and videos!
Why? Glad you asked! Facebook has a funny Algorithm. When I put up a post in your event, even if you have 50 guests “going”, not all 50 of them are scrolling FB at that exact minute so they can’t possibly see everything. Therefore Facebook will “test” my post by showing it in the newsfeed of 1 or 2 of the guests. If they don’t “like” or comment… its dead in the water.  If your guests engage on my post, Facebook thinks “hmm this must be interesting, lets show it to 2 more guests…” If those guests ignore it… it’s dead.  If those guest engage the process repeats.  YOU CAN HELP me by commenting on my every post and when you TAG certain friends, THEY will see it too and be likely to COMMENT.
Then eventually we have a rockstar party with 30+ guests and LOTS of fun engagement!

Start thinking of your dream wish list. Dream Big as Norwex is very generous and loves to gift hundreds of dollars worth in freebies.
Send me a little message with your wish list and I’ll do what I can to coach you to get it all FREE!

I’ll send you the rest of the steps later in the week. ★★ Any questions?