Collecting PreOrders for Your Norwex Party

With only days away, I’m sure you are getting a few folks who are unable to join us LIVE. That’s OK, the best thing about Virtual Parties is that you can “attend” anywhere anyhow!

Today I want you to follow up with those peeps who have told you that they are unable to join live and those who are not on Facebook… you know, like Aunt Sue and Grandma Jean.

Still have them RSVP “going” and then gently encourage them to consider placing an order before the party.  It’s totally fine to BRIBE them with the fact that by placing an order EARLY they are helping YOU to earn more free Norwex Swag.

I LOVE to spoil my hostesses!

STEP 8- Pre Orders!

★ For Grandma Jean and Aunt Sue that don’t “do the Facebook” or for friends that are not able to attend live, here is a link to your preorder page.  Go ahead and copy this link into an email and send that out to your peeps a few days BEFORE your party starts.

PreOrder Page for Guests:

**BONUS** If you collect $250 in orders BEFORE the night of your party, I will gift you an extra $25 shopping spree to use at the close of your event! Wahoo!

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