Fundraising for Your Club

Could your club or organization use an extra $500-1000?? Heads are nodding YES!

Did you know that I do fundraisers with Norwex? Yep, it’s true. I’m especially passionate about working with families, children and the schools. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share the life changing power of Norwex with these folks and why not raise some funds for YOUR cause while we’re at it?

When you partner with me, you and your organization will become my Norwex Ambassadors. Together we will share Norwex’s mission for creating safer havens, we will bring time, money and health saving products into the families that YOU care most about, and we will raise monies to support your cause. Sounds like a pretty epic collaboration if I do say so myself.

So how does it work?

First you and I will set up a time to chat about your group and your goals. We will identify who your ambassadors are and equip them with the tools necessary to share and collect orders. Then we will determine the where, when and how. Typically this means a public Facebook event and some flyers/catalogs that your ambassadors will be in charge of, along with some community outreach. On occasion I have presented a “show” of sorts to a group of contributors at an event or gala.

Basically you and your team become “hostesses” and your mission is to collect sales orders on some fabulous Norwex Products.


Typically we set a timeline of 2 weeks. Orders will be collected or placed online and items are shipped DIRECTLY to the customer. At the end of the two weeks, we close out your fundraiser. Once the event is closed and orders are placed, I hand you a check for 30% of the total retail sales collected. Your group earns CASH, your family & friends have quality trusted products to save them TIME & MONEY (and access to me for all their questions, concerns and future needs) and I just helped the community take steps to a brighter SAFER future while supporting my own family. Win-Win-Win Partnership.

Let’s crunch some numbers…

The average Norwex Party retails around $600 with 8 buying guests. It’s safe to assume that each Ambassador would reach out to 10-15 FRANKS (those are her peeps) and would be able to collect that $600 in orders. At 30% in sales donated to your cause, that’s $180. If you’re raising funds for a soccer team of say… 15 kiddos and have 8 Parent Ambassadors reaching average goals .. that’s $1440 donation.  If you’re a Dance Instructor looking to help fund a championship trip, you may have 15 Parent Ambassadors reaching average goals… that’s $2700 donation. Perhaps you volunteer at a local animal shelter, you have 3 part-time staff and a handful of volunteers; you ask those 4-6 Ambassadors to reach out to their FRANKS and that brings you $720-1000.  Not too shabby for a simple Word of Mouth and Social Media push for your organization!


So let’s chat and reserve your group’s Norwex Fundraiser today!